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      Tel:0417-2952333 / 2951222
      CN  |  EN


      User name

      Project name

       Dalian petrochemical company

      300,000 tons of synthetic ammonia project

      Heating bend pipe specification: φ 508x9.5 pressure: PN6.3-PN10material: 20#

       Shanghai Waigaoqiao power plant

      50KW genset

      Tubing: DN50-DN1200 pressure: PN6.3-PN10 material: 20#,Q235B

       Zhengzhou in hanfeng power plant

      50KW generator sets, power grids with fittings

      Tubing: DN50-DN1200 20#,Q235B

      Shanxi shentou second power plant

      50KW genset

      Tubing: DN50-DN1000 20#,304,316L,Q235B

      Jinzhou oil factory

      Large chemical fertilizer project, 500,000-ton ethylene project

      Pipe specification: φ 813x11.9 pressure: PN6.3-PN10 material:20#,20G,1Cr5Mo, and 304L,316L

      Jinzhou oil six plant

      Hydrogenation unit

      Pipefittings: elbows specifications: DN50-DN800 pressure: PN1.0-PN6.3 material: Q235B,16Mn

      Huadian power pipe engineering Co.,Ltd.

      Pipefittings: bends, elbows specifications: DN50-DN1200 pressure:PN1.0-PN10

      Material: Q235B,16Mn,304L

       Dalian oil seven factory

      Pig tee sizes: DN50-DN800,PN20-PN140 pressure: PN1.0-PN6.3

      Material: 20#,Q235B,304L,A105,316L

      Xinjiang dushanzi petrochemical company

      500,000 tons of ethylene reconstruction project

      Elbows, tees, reducers sizes: DN600-DN1100 pressure: PN1.6-PN10material: 20#,Q235B,A105

      Panjin nine engineering company

      Flanges, pipe specification: DN50-DN1200 pressure: PN1.6-PN10material: 20#,A105,16Mn

       Dalian, INTEL engineering

      Elbow specifications: DN50-DN1200 pressure: STD,XS material: 20#

      Lanzhou petrochemical company

      300,000 tons of ethylene pipe specifications: DN50-DN800 pressure:PN20-PN140 material: 20#, 16Mn

      Qilu petrochemical company

      Petroleum and chemical accessories

      Carbon steel pipes: specifications: DN600-DN1200 pressure: PN1.6-PN6.3 material: 20#

      Heating bent pipes: specifications: DN300-DN800 pressure: 6.3Mpamaterial: 20#, 16Mn



      Pipefittings (elbows, tees, caps) size: 28 "-48" stress: STD,XS

      material: WPHY70


      User name

      Project name

      Changsha, China National Petroleum Corporation pipeline 

      transportingoil-gas branch

      Heating bent pipes: specification: φ 508-610 R=6D pressure: 6.3Mpa material: L450

      Changsha, China National Petroleum Corporation pipeline 

      transportingoil-gas branch

      Heating bent pipes: specification: φ 273-610 R=6D pressure: 6.4Mpa-10Mpa material: L245,L360

      Seamless elbows specifications: DN300,DN200 pressure 10Mpa 


      Ellipsoidal head: specification: φ 406.4-610 pressure: 4Mpa-10Mpamaterial: L450

      Oil pipeline material equipment Corporation

      Sebei double line pipeline engineering

      Pig tee: specifications: DN650-DN200 pressure: PN6.3 material: L450

      First project of China Petroleum pipeline company 

      PipelineEngineering (Linyuan oil project)

      Pipefittings (elbows, reducers, caps): specifications: DN900-DN800pressure: SCH20 material: 16MnR

      Liaoning province Institute of energy

      Set device group

      Dalian China water treatment plant

       Spin membrane deaerator

      Yangzi petrochemical engineering company

      Air separation, atmospheric and vacuum, catalysis, hydrogenation,ethylene steam cracking, and other devices

      Shenyang paraffin chemical Co.,Ltd.

      Detergent plant

      Daqing petrochemical plant

      Shijiazhuang spherical tanks, liquefied petroleum gas storage

      Tohoku electric power engineering company

      Power grids

      Yingkou city Xiangyang chemical factory

      Vinyl dry Kettle, large tanks, FCC distillation Tower

      Liaoyang gas equipment manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

      Gas storage tank

      Panjin voyage petrochemical equipment Co.,Ltd.

      Oil storage installations

      Beijing Koyo chemical Co.,Ltd.

      Adhesive mixing device

      Beijing cokeoven plant

      Tail gas recovery Tower, heat exchanger, air tanks, buffer tanksequipment

      Yingkou chemical fiber factory

      Vc251 import and export jacketed reactor device

      Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian

      Hc-1 reactor

      North China Petroleum administrative Bureau

      Water distillation device

      Gongzhuling city, Jilin province, Qin Jia Tun

      Natural gas engineering, pig receiver tube

      Fushun petrochemical factory

      Petroleum chemical transformation

      The Jilin petrochemical company

      Oil refining unit

      User name

      Project name

      Beijing in Sanhe power plant

      300,000 tons of generators

      Panjin vibration AO chemicals

      Fluid reaction device

      Liaoning East chemicals Co.,Ltd.

      Chemical parts, pig receiver tube

      Jilin qifeng chemical fiber

      Stainless steel pipe fittings

      Taiwan's Formosa Plastics engineering

      Stainless steel, carbon steel pipes

      Shenyang North pipe manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

      Daya Bay nuclear power station using elbows, tees, reducers

       Zhuanghe power plant

      Carbon steel, alloy steel pipes

      China Petroleum and natural gas Co Ltd branch

      Jinxi, Daqing oil pipeline (Chui Yang-tieling section)

      Elbows, tees, reducers, caps

      Specifications: DN800-DN250

      Pressure: PN10.0,PN6.3,PN5.0,PN2.5

      Material: WPHY415,WPHY360

      Zhongwei-Guiyang lines LLC Consortium EPC project of 

      Xinjiangpetroleum engineering construction project

      Zhongwei-Guiyang lines the first section drawing Exchange pipe

      PN10.0 MPa DN900X9200 drawing Exchange pipe

      PN10.0 MPa DN900X9200 drawing Exchange pipe

      Air Liquide Bohai limited

      Air Liquide (China) sea-access project

      Size: φ 406.4*7.83/323.9*7.2/323*11.25/168.3*6.3

      Material: L360

      PetroChina Lanzhou gas transmission pipeline subsidiary

      PetroChina Lanzhou gas transmission pipeline company second 

      classreserve materials

      Elbows: specifications: OD660mm angle: 90 °

      Wall thickness: 7.1mm,8.7mm,10.3mm,14.3mm material: L415

      Welding ellipsoidal head: specifications: OD660mm

      Wall thickness: 7.1mm,8.7mm,10.3mm,14.3mm material: L415

      Northern construction company limited, Jilin jihua group thirdbranch


      Jilin-Changchun oil pipeline project (large diameter and small 

      diameter pipe fittings, tube links)

      Links: specifications: DN350-DN25 pressure: PN2.5-PN11.0

      Material: WFHY415,WFHY360

      Elbows: specifications: DN350-DN25 angle: 90 degree pressure: PN2.5-PN11.0

      Material: WFHY415,WFHY360

      Concentric and eccentric reducers: specifications: DN350-DN25

      pressure: PN2.5-PN11.0

      Material: WFHY415,WFHY360,20#

      Tube caps: specifications: DN350-DN25 pressure: PN2.5-PN6.8

      Material: WFHY415,WFHY360

      Flange: CLASS150 DN25, 20#

      User name

      Project name

      Jilin jihua group Northern construction company's 

      first branch

      Jilin-Changchun oil pipeline project (large diameter and small 

      diameter pipe fittings, tube links)

      Links: specifications: DN350-DN25 pressure: PN2.5-PN6.8 material:WFHY360

      Elbows: specifications: DN350-DN25 angle: 90 °

      Pressure: PN2.5-PN6.8 material: WFHY360

      Concentric and eccentric reducers: specifications: DN350-DN25

      Pressure: PN2.5-PN6.8 material: WFHY360

      Tube caps: specifications: DN350-DN25

      Pressure: PN2.5-PN6.8 material: WFHY360

      Pig tee: specifications: DN350 pressure: PN6.8 material: WFHY360

      Heating bent pipes: specifications: DN350 pressure: PN6.8 R=6D

      material: WFHY360

      Fourth China Petroleum pipeline company 

      pipeline engineering projectmanagement

      Oil crude oil pipeline in Eastern Russia to introduce auxiliarycelebrates the 

      rail line capacity expansion project

      Elbows: specification: φ 711 R=6D,R=2.5D. Angle:90,20,82,81,52,42,76

      Wall thickness: 10.3mm material: X52

      Size: size: φ 720-323.9 pressure: PN2.5-PN6.3 material: L360MB

      Links: specifications: DN600-DN500 pressure: PN5.0-PN6.3 material:L360MB

      Elbows: specifications: 711-273 angle: 90 ° pressure: PN5.0

      material: L360MB

      Tube caps: specifications: DN500 pressure PN2.5 materials: L360MB

      China National Petroleum Corporation pipeline branch

      Jinxi, Daqing oil pipeline (Chui Yang-tieling section)

      Heating bent pipes: specification: φ φ 711 813-R=6D. Angle: 15-88


      Wall thickness: 11.1,10.3mm material: X65

      Fourth China Petroleum pipeline company pipeline 

      engineering projectmanagement

      Jinxi, Daqing oil pipeline (Chui Yang-tieling section)

      Heating bent pipes: specification: φ φ 711 813-R=6D. Angle: 18-84


      Wall thickness: 11.1,10.3mm material: X65

      Sichuan petroleum construction engineering company limited

       ofmaterial purchase and supply Office

      Lanchengzhong your line-EPC projects (your contact line engineering)

      Manifold: specifications: 800*3800,800*6300 pressure: PN10.0MPA

      Your lines five labels in EPC project

      Manifold: specifications: 500*4500 pressure: PN10.0MPA

      Best energy equipment (Tianjin) company limited

      Zhongwei West section of West gas transported to the East West linestation measurement system

      Exports sink pipe entrance to DN900

      CNOOC gas limited liability companies in Fujian

      Fujian LNG gas transmission pipeline pig sending/receiving tube

      acquisition contract

      Pig sending/receiving tube DN300-DN400

      Sichuan petroleum construction engineering company limited

      Your 5 Drawing exchange pipe PN10.0MPA DN600X6600,PN0.0 DN800X7410, 2

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